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fear mix in Pepperidge neighborhood

Back NextBack NextBack NextBack NextThe houses Masteron King in Weddington's cul de sac look similar to the other houses on Monte Carlo Drive and even the neighborhood: brick facade, a small front porch flanked by white columns, long concrete driveway.

What catches the eye at this end of Monte Carlo is the graffiti.

Weddington doesn't know how long they've been there. He rarely talks to his neighbors about the recent violence in his subdivision.

Local leaders say that attitude can't persist if neighbors want an end to the teenage violence. Tags such as "P Town" and "Pepperidge Boys" are warning signs, according to police. They symbolize a neighborhood affiliation that can quickly turn into violent rivalries with other subdivisions and public housing projects.

It's arguable whether Pepperidge is headed "Anaboliset Aineet" in that direction.

On Jan. On March 1, another Butler High School sophomore, Terence Reese, was brutally beaten on nearby Circular Drive by at least Gensci Jintropin five teenagers affiliated with the Apple Valley Posse, according to investigators. A second shooting Feb. 17 killed 16 year old Tykiah Palmer and "Anabolika Definition" her unborn baby, although deputies have not linked that death to gang activity.

So do gangs have a toehold in Pepperidge?

"We're in an embryonic stage right now," said Paul Godden, an Is Testosterone Propionate Illegal investigator with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office. "Things could either get worse or get better based on how we react to it."

On a recent afternoon, Michael Mason was pulling weeds outside his Faircrest Avenue home. He blames overpopulation in Pepperidge for the recent problems not that he believes there are many problems to begin with.

The perception that Pepperidge is riddled with gangs has hurt home prices and caused people to move out, he said.

Pepperidge is a positive community with no houses that make methamphetamine and, contrary to what others say, very few gangs of kids walking around, Mason said.

The two recent shooting deaths scared Maria Coy, a 54 year old widow who has lived on Monte Carlo Drive for 17 years. She said she's considering putting her house on the market, a move her neighbors have already made in the wake of the violence.

"Come 6 o'clock, 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone I'm Stanozolol Tablets Use In Bodybuilding locked in my house and I don't open the door to someone I don't know," she said.

Then there are folks such as Shirley Mayard, who have found a middle ground. She sets out almost daily for a two mile walk around Ramblewood Drive with her black and white border collie mix Jesse by her side.

She feels safe during the middle of the day, but she stays indoors after school Buy Viagra Berlin lets out and kids start wandering the streets. A lifelong resident of Pepperidge, Mayard said the neighborhood started to change about 10 years ago.